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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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Why have you done this to me? WHY?! the man's mind screams in agony. We broke our bond long ago, why must you torment me with this?

Amidst the depth of his despair he notices a woman enter the room. His blue eyes fill with hope as he notices another living, moving being within the motionless hell around him. However a smile faulters and fails as he sees the woman draw a blade and slit the dwarf's throat.

Suddenly the entire world flows back into motion again. The fire crackles and dances, the ale is poured, and the blood flows, like a crimson river from the dwarf by the bar.

Leaping to his feet Cadrius sprints to the dwarf, catching him as he falls. The blood continues the flow out of him and onto the floor. Recognizing the wound mortal the fallen knight merely cradles the stout warrior's head and whispers, "Be at peace, Moradin waits for you."

As the last breath leaves the dwarf he runs a hand over his face leaving a bloody trail amongst his sorrowful features. He looks up in agony and confusion, searching for the woman and asks, "Why? What is this?"