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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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The dark haired man looks around a moment apparently perturbed by the lack of communication from the two men sitting near him.

"Er, excuse me gentlemen? Perhaps I spoke too quietly," Cadrius says leaning forward.

It is then that he notices something most peculiar. The grey cloak and the purple panted man are not moving. They are absolutely still, not a muscle twitches, not a breath stirs within them.

"Dear gods," Cadrius whispers slightly, "barkeep! Come here a moment! I do believe these men have fallen under some sort of hysteria or catatonia."

There is no response from the normally loud man and this causes Cadrius' gaze to shift over to the other end of the bar where the man in question is also frozen. Hunched over a mug with the ale that had been pouring from the keg frozen in mid-air.

The fallen paladin gasps and stumbles backward from the bar, knocking over his stool in the process.

Shaking his head violently he whispers to himself, "No, this cannot be real," scowling and looking about as if the perpetrator might be hiding within the room he yells, "What treachery is this?!"

Unfortunately there is no response forthcoming and the man puts his hand to the side of his head. Distressed and confused he slumps down into a chair by the fire. Once it had been dancing and causing warmth for all, now it lay motionless helping no one.

So much like Kalia... he thinks to himself, the symbolism not lost on him.

"Please," he whispers shutting his eyes tight against the world which has apparently gone completely still, "please let this be some magician's trick."