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Blarth always found it harder to get up on cold mornings. The process of abandoning the accumulated warmth of one's blankets was never an appealing one and they way the night seemed to hang around just a little bit longer each morning was almost enough to convince him that orcs really should have been a hibernating species.

His bladder almost always had other things to say on the matter, however, and it was get up or else.

Finding a rock to turn into a salt lick, Blarth was going through his usual morning grumbling routine when the commotion started to spread through the camp. Whispers, innuendo, furtive looks, and gasps of horror chased the rumor around the breakfast fires. One of the night guards had been tortured hideously! Drawn and quartered some said. Disemboweled or beheaded according to others. One drover even claimed that the guard had been eaten from the inside out. All agreed that the man was drunk when it happened, and thus probably hadn't felt anything (as if that made a difference, the man was still dead), but beyond that the story twisted and morphed with each retelling. Before long Blarth began to recognize the details of the story he had brought back to the caravan intertwining with the new one. The man's blood had turned to ichor. His eyes were orbs of obsidian. He'd attacked the man who'd found him.

Wandering through the campsite, Blarth went looking for Cadrius. He seemed to be on the best terms with Gregor out of their little group and would probably know what was going on, or at the very least could ask.
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