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Shade slipped through the thick brush on the eastern side of the trail, pinpointing the wagons by the slow creak of wheels. Even slowed as she was by the terrain and the effort of staying silent, she moved faster than the caravan. Despite their talk before departure, she and Juni hadn't practiced much of anything yet. Everyone had pretty much kept to themselves thus far, which suited her just fine. She needed the time to think.

Stepping lightly upon a downed log, she stalks its length almost absently, so quiet you might not know she was there - a ghost of blue and grey. And yet, she felt more herself, more alive than she had in years. Isac had brought her back, had restored to her something that had been fading since Ricard's treachery. It still filled her with wonder that he'd sacrificed so much for someone he barely knew. Shade would not claim to know him well, but she knew him well enough to know that there was purpose to what he did, and it pained her to realize she'd never know the whole truth.

Only a fool would think it was over though. Skathros was still out there, and Cadrius himself had told her of the horrible plague that was spreading. Sarra was proof, she thought bitterly. Funny how easily he'd given up on Shade, judging her for things he didn't know anything about. Love was a cruel blade, alluring but deadly. Not that it mattered, she wasn't going to let it bother her, not now, when she had this chance that Isac had given her.

During the day, she honed her skills - woodcraft and stealth, both. But it was at night that she really did her work. Stealing out from camp on any night with a moon, she stalked for real. They were out there, she knew - the dead, eaters of flesh and haters of life. Maybe she was doomed to live alone, to live hunted, to live with the burdens that only a hard life would give you. So be it. There were those she cared about, those she would see live a better life - yes, even without her. She could help them by keeping them safe, by following Isac's way - a better way than her own. Grimly, she smiles. Who better to hunt the dead than a ghost?