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"That might be a bit challenging to take up as a hobby," Nicos quipped, flashing his automatic smile at Juni. He held it for a moment while he studied her face, before letting it drop. "Being in love? It's ... painful."

The bard frowned and looked at the floor of the wagon, letting the awkward silence settle between them. When he spoke again it was sudden, flat without preamble.

"At first it seems like ... like you've found a missing piece of yourself that fills a hole you never before knew you lacked. It's a fire that burns through your mind, your heart, your -" with a sly glance -"other places. At times it can warm you and light your way when you’re surrounded by darkness, but it can also be so bright, so hot that you're blinded to other sights, thoughts and feelings.

"And in the end," he finished, looking not at Juni but beyond her to something only he could see. "In the end, no matter what, it burns you."
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