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Wagons are slow. That more than anything was the major conclusion that Blarth had reached traveling with the caravan. The first day, he had ridden in the wagon, thinking that that was what one did. Or at least the day had started that way. By lunch time Blarth was bored out of his mind and had noticed that several member of the caravan were walking alongside the wagons. Deciding to do the same, Blarth had climbed down and walked the rest of the day. Indeed, matching the slow pace of the wagons had actually proved to be something of a challenge and he had found the activity stimulating enough to try it again the following day.

By the end of the second day, however, that was no longer enough to hold Blarth's interest and and on the third day he had taken to walking to the front of the caravan and then sitting and waiting for the whole thing to pass him by before getting up and doing it all over again.

On the fourth day Blarth decided that he'd spent way too much time sitting down and thus tried walking around the whole caravan as it progressed along. He got five laps in before the wagons ground to a halt for the night.

The fifth day was unusually hot and dry and Blarth had found the dust clouds near the caravan intolerable, so when he got to the front of the caravan the second time he kept going and ranged out in front of the caravan, occasionally coming back to the front, for the rest of the day.

By the sixth day Blarth's restlessness had been noticed by just about everyone in the caravan and the caravan master had invited Blarth to join the caravan's outriders as a way to pass the time (and keep him from spooking the draft animals by crossing in front of them). Blarth had accepted, and except for when the weather turned wet, hadn't regretted the decision. At least this way he had something to do each day, even if it mostly amounted to waiting until after the caravan had left to do a final policing of the night's campsite before leapfrogging ahead to the next stop to start setting up the new camp.
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