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A chill wind blew down the street, swirling about Blarth's cloak and sending a shiver up his spine.

"Deal," Blarth replies to the merchant and starts handing over gold and silver. It was a bit more than he had hopping to pay, but the cold wind had reminded him of just how necessary the quilted woolen clothes and blankets he was bargaining for would be shortly. "I imashin that bushinesh ish picking up to the pointch thatch you'll be able to replashe the glash in your windowsh shoon," Blarth comments as the merchant tied the blankets and clothing into a bundle.

"Oh, the windows weren't borken," the merchant replies with a knowing smile, "They've never had glass or even paper for that matter. I'm a fan of the fresh air."

Sniffing the odor of the clothes dyer a few blocks away, Blarth can't help but think that these city dwellers have a strange definition of fresh air. At least they'd be headed for the Duchies tomorrow. Blarth was uncomfortable in Tradeholm, especially under the disguise that Lynn had fashioned for him. It couldn't completely hide his orcish heritage, but it minimized its appearance enough that with his hood up he could walk the streets unmolested. The color paste and wooden teeth were uncomfortable, however, and added something of a lisp to his voice. It was almost easier to stay hidden in the room at the inn than put it on each morning. They'd needed the winter clothing, however, and Blarth had the most experience with such stuff so he had volunteered to make sure they got what they needed. At least he wouldn't have to wear the get up while they were traveling. Lynn had stated that it would be far too difficult to keep the disguise up without the privacy necessary to touch it up each morning and the group agreed that discovery of the deception would be far more akward to explain than just dealing with any tensions Blarth's orc heritage might bring.

That didn't mean that there would be no deception, however. Blarth and Cadrius were going to pretend to be half-brothers; Lynn, Juni, and Shade were sisters (or was it cousins); Nicos and Lynn were paramours; Sara was Cadrius' ward (which, as Blarth understood it was actually true); and there was supposed to be some link between Cadrius and one of the women, but Blarth had really lost track of the whole story at that point. Indeed, he wasn't even sure exactly what the whole cover story was at this point. So many ideas had been suggested and discussed that he'd lost track. All he knew was that the others felt they would arouse less suspicion if they were some kind of family group traveling together rather than a bunch of friends or comrades in arms. Blarth didn't really understand the logic, but then it was human logic and these were human lands so he had let the others handle it.

Arriving back at the inn, Blarth smelled the scent of honey buns comming from the kitchen and stopped to grab a couple before heading back up to the room. As usual, the cook gave him a hard time about it, but after a wink and a silver on the counter, she smiled and wrapped the second, "To keep it warm until the little one gets back."

Munching on a honey bun while he balanced his package of clothes, blankets, and a honey bun, Blarth heads up the stairs to the suite of rooms that the party was renting to get out of the make-up and wait for dinner.
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