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Chapter 2 - The Fellowship of Mud

As the crowd disperses into town , Megamieuwsel lingers around the remains of the fire a little longer to see if he can be of any help to the strange man and woman.

They seem to be doing just fine by themselves , better not interfere with their buisness....

"I wish you a good night people , and if you're willing to contact me ; I'm staying in "the Dragon's Hangover" for the night.
Right now I'll be checking to see if my diner, presumably cold by now , is still up for grabs.
I fear for the worst , though....."

The man and his mule disappear into town and the latter finds his food gone indeed. Too tired to even mention it , he stables the mule again , noting with a minor part of his brain the hap-snap repair made to the stabledoor.
Once inside his room , fatigue overcomes him and without undressing he crashes into the bed.


A new morning dawns ; wet and grey and rainy.
In a room , in a inn , in a town , in the middle of nowhere a tall , slender man grooms his moustache and sorts out his clothes while reflecting on the history of yesterday.
The night's rest restored a lot of his vigor , though a deep rumbling in his "midsection" tells him , there one more component missing : Breakfast.

Heeding his stomach's call , Megamieuwsel enters the Inns common room , where the Innkeeper's wife already is serving to some of the customers.

Hmmm... The others must be still asleep. Wonder if their rash words about going along with my "Gargeltje-quest" can stand the testimony of a new day.
A rather grey one , I might say. Good thing , I had my blue set with me ; if the sky isn't cooperative and such....
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