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Shade's cheeks color as the others stare at her like she's just grown a new head. Back at Ysene's, dressing the part had seemed like such a grand idea and she had been quite pleased with her reflection in the woman's many mirrors. Now, however, she was feeling more than a little self-conscious and no longer at all glamorous. Had they been alone, she might well have fled for the company of shadows to nurse her insecurities. Gemoud's presence changed that; she'd be damned before she'd show weakness in front of that one. And so, instead of the tenderness one might have expected in light of her new raiment, what they get is the same old Shade.

"What are you gawking at?" she snaps at Blarth. His mouth closes with an audible click and he suddenly finds something else to look at. She smacks Nicos between the shoulder blades with enough force to rattle his teeth, "Swallow a fly?" she asks. Finally, inevitably, she rounds on Cadrius. She isn't sure which part of his gaze hurts more: the disbelief, the shock, or the fact that he doesn't seem to find her attractive. "Forgotten me already? I'll bet it would jog your memory if I dragged you through a sewer."

Gemoud's smug look only fuels her anger. When the red haired magician suggests the refectory she meets her gaze. She is tempted to threaten her once again, but with the others looking on and with her suddenly feeling of exposure, she just isn't up to the task.

"We'll need a few minutes."