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Ben watched as the one-armed wizard and his warrior friend follow the Half-orc's example and make a clean escape. His attention isn't on them however; it is on the woman in the library entrance, the one from the Refectory. He almost had the memory she was from, the one that made her face something resembling familiar. She looked at the wizard that had been nearly throttled by the half-orc, and in that moment, he saw her face as he recognized it, saw her as he had once seen her.


"Ben, I want you to be a good boy and meet someone special to me." Ben, only 7 then, looked up at Lisa, the woman who had so recently adopted him, until then a small street urchin, into her life. He felt differently towards this woman, felt an attachment he had never felt to anything or anybody.

Just like so many times since it had happened, Ben wondered if this was what love was supposed to feel like. Lisa was the woman he loved he was sure. I'll ask her to marry me when I'm older...

"Ben? Are you listening to me?" Blinking out of his thoughts, Ben realized that he'd spaced out and quickly nodded. "Uh-huh, sorry Lisa. I was only thinking, that's all." She looked at him with a face of concern, sending another wash of warmth through him, then she smiled at him and said, "Well, I want you to meet someone very special to me." She looked up at the entrance of the massive tower she had brought him too. Two people were walking out of it, both women, one obviously younger than the other.

Lisa gestured at the younger of the two and said, "Ben. I want you to meet my niece, Gemound. Gemound, this is Ben, he's traveling with my mercenary company at the moment. You remember, he was in the letter I sent to you." Gemound was a lot taller than Ben; he had to bend his neck almost to his back to see her face. She was a red-head, like Lisa, but something about the smile she gave him seemed false, her eyes seemed to glint with a hatred Ben had become all too familiar with.

That said, Ben was still familiar with what a niece was, even if he hadn't actually been raised in a family, so he knew this woman was related to Lisa. While he took an immediate dislike for her, he knew that he should be nice to her, if only for Lisa's sake. He gave a half-hearted wave and mumbled a small "hello", but he mostly hid behind Lisa, not wanting to bear the full brunt of Gemound's eyes.

He didn't think he would ever forget this Gemound, she was pretty scary.


Ben wondered at his next action. He should really just leave her alone, as he didn't want to have anything to do with her. But she was Lisa's niece, and deserved to know her fate, and Ben didn't think he could trust these wizards to deliver it.

His manners overrode his good judgment, and he went up behind her, tapped her shoulder and asked, "Gemound?" She turned at looked at who had tapped her, and again Ben felt that jolt go through his spine at seeing her blue eyes, so much like his own. She smiled, but he could tell she didn't recognize him. "You work pretty fast, if you've gotten my name already."

Ben was more than a little nervous, but decided to press on. "Um, actually I uh...I remember you from a few years ago. I was with Lisa, and she introduced us, it was about 15 years ago? Do you remember me...?" She got that look all people get when they dredge through their memories, then a face of recollection appeared.

"It's...Ben isn't it?" Ben nodded and she smiled. "Well, you've certainly grown, you weren't up to my thigh when I last saw you. How is Lisa, is she here?" She looks around as if expecting Lisa to turn a corner or something.

Ben's face fell as he speaks the words that he has spoken so many times these past years. "Lisa is," he lost his voice and trailed off, but found the courage to go on, "Lisa's dead, Gemound. She died a little over 8 years ago, along with the rest of the company. I'm all that's left." He lowered his eyes to the ground as he spoke, unwilling to see the look of disbelief he had seen on so many others' faces.

He wasn't entirely disappointed when she simply said, "Oh, I'm sorry," and placed a hand on his shoulder. It took all his willpower to not pull away from the touch. It was like being stroked by a poisonous snake, he simply wanted to get away, but he simply stood there, head hanging, silent.

After a bit he felt her take her hand away, and saw her feet walk farther down the hall. Looking up with a tear in his eye, Ben heard a bell ring, and saw most of the Library occupants start to clear out. He remembered the one wizard say that the bell would signify that Dinner was about to begin.

Ben simply stood there, left to his thoughts, as wizards and sorcerers and apprentices passed him by. Left to his thoughts, and his memories.
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