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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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Cadrius kneels on the floor his feet tucked beneath him. The slate floor is hardly kind on his legs, but he would rather not become too comfortable on the feather bed. Perhaps there's a glamour set to force him to remain asleep until the wizards desire otherwise. He would rather not have that.

And so he sits on the floor, armor arrayed around him. Each piece is well forged; gorget, vambraces, greaves, breastplate, they were all truly well-done, but then again, they hadn't really been tested yet. They could use some polishing. Yet he must tend his weapons first.

He holds the long, bastard sword in his left hand and a whetstone in his right. Metal slides against stone with a rough whisk-whisk sound. He pulls the blade, sharpening one side and then the other. He prides himself on keeping his sword at the ready. Although in a place of such arcane power he wonders what good steel will do him.

A knock at his door interrupts his caretaking and Cadrius pushes himself to his feet, grateful for the reprieve from the floor. He's expecting Shade, indeed, it has been a while since he last saw her. Perhaps she found her way to the library too late.

Or perhaps a sorcerer has her under a spell, his mind taunts. No, not Shade. She's too clever by half to fall for any simple enchantment.

Cadrius opens the door and blinks. A greeting that had been half-formed, dies. Gemoud stands, looking away from the fallen paladin, and bears a rather displeased expression. However, it passes from her face quickly and she smiles coyly. In the background he can hear Blarth and Nicos speaking.

"Good evening? Is it evening? I cannot tell in this tower. Good day, or night, depending on which it is, Lady Gemoud. Is there something I can help you three with? I heard the knock at the door. My apologies for not answering it immediately. I was attending my arms and armor."

He smiles politely, but his mind sharply reminds him that this woman is a spy and not to be trusted, no matter how charming her damnable smile might be.