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Shade sits back in her chair, digesting Ysene's words. It seemed unlikely, but then again, wizards were an odd bunch. From what the sorceress had said, Cadogan was in possession of a dangerous arcane item - a stone cube. Shade remembered the item; they had retrieved it from the gnoll stronghold and Cadogan had been rather anxious to get it back, though he claimed it was merely a children's toy. She hadn't believed him - Cadogan wasn't the best liar - but it hadn't seemed very important to learn the truth.

Ysene had asked her a good deal about it, but that was pretty much all she knew about the thing. Cadogan had never mentioned it since, and Shade hadn't seen it since the mage had taken it back.

"You say this cube is dangerous. How so?"

"It is a key to unlock the prison of a powerful demon."

"Why would Cadogan have such a thing in his possession?"

"He discovered it and sent word back here. We can't very well have such items floating around for anyone to come across, so it was imperative that he return it here where it can be properly disposed of."

"You'll destroy it?"

"It isn't that simple. There are wards on the cube, and it is strong beyond what it's physical appearance would imply. Plus, we need the catalyst."

"What catalyst?"

"A special runestone that will fit into the carvings on one face of the cube. It will permit us to perform the ritual of destruction."

"I am glad he made it back here then, and that the situation is in hand."

At that Ysene frowns and shakes her head slightly. She leans forward, resting her arms on the table and steepling her fingers.

"Perhaps, but only barely. This Citadel is home to a great number of wizards. Some do not see the danger in this thing; others see the danger but believe they can master it. Not everyone here wants to see this item destroyed. Those of us that do are being watched carefully. Should I or my compatriots depart to retrive the runestone it would be noted. We need someone else to bring it back to us."

Shade folds her arms and shifts slightly, unused to the feel of her new clothing. It is obvious where this is headed, and she doesn't like it.

"Well, you seem to be a resourceful lot. Good luck."

"Your group seems quite capable."

"We have other engagements that want attending."

"Plus, it will not be suspicious if you depart soon."

"If Cadogan wanted our help he would have asked."

"He didn't know the full extent of the danger."

"It's not up to me. And even if it was, I'd tell you no."

"As you say. But promise me you'll discuss it with the others."

Ysene was convincing. Deep down, Shade could feel the doubt gnawing at her adamant refusal. What would Cadogan want them to do?

"Alright, I'll talk to them. But I think you are going to need to find someone else."

"We'll have to wait and see."

Smiling, Ysene stands and Shade follows suit.

"I need to be going. Perhaps you'd like to return to your room? It is easy enough to find from here."

She gives Shade some brief direction and before she knows it, Shade is on her way back to her room, the long skirt swishing with each step.