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Looking around and seeing no answer making itself known, Nicos ambles over to the refractory. A quick glance around shows no sign of Shade, so the bard making his way back to his room speaking to himself softly.

"Well if she isn't there she's either in her room, or lost trying to find the library. Ofcourse I have to consider whether I'm willing to risk intruding into the mystery lady's sanctum. Maybe I should find Gemoud and ask her if she knows what happened to Shade."

Pausing before Shade's door, Nicos casts a look up and down the hall as a sudden realisation hits him.

"Speaking of the red haired beauty, I wonder what happened to Gemoud. She doesn't have the excuse of getting lost on the way to the Library. Also amazing, I'm speaking to myself again, must try to stop that."

Rasing his hand, Nicos brings it down on the door to Shade's room in 2 sharp knocks.
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