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Pushing the wizard up higher against the bookshelf, it looks for a moment like Blarth is going to continue the confrontation despite his friends requests for calm. Instead, however, he suddenly lets go of the wizard, allowing him to fall to the floor. Looking first at Nicos and then at Cadrius, Blarth turns and heads back towards his room.

They were right, after all. In a citadel full of wizards, some of whom didn't even want them there, it would do no good to aggravate their hosts. Still, something about the way that wizard had said 'half-orc' still riled Blarth. It had sounded, to Blarth's ears at least, as if the man considered the term itself to be an insult. As for the comment about needing a bath, well that was the result of life on the road. Indeed, his clothes still had blood stains from his battle with those strange cave dwellers, and while Blarth himself didn't mind them so much, having long since worked out the stiffness from the stains, he knew that most humans did.

Getting back to his room, Blarth is suprised to find a clean set of clothing and a hot bath already waiting for him. Obviously there was more than one person in this citadel that thought he needed a bath, but hot water? Obviously these wizards were made of the same weak stock as most humans, but did they really think that he was made of the same?

Opening his door, Blarth sticks his head back into the corridor. Whoever had filled the tub must still be somewhere near by.

"Who's the weakling that filled my tub with hot water?" he demands loudly. When no one appears he calls out again, "Come on! Show yourself! Do you think me weak like you that I need to bathe in hot water?"

After a few minutes of waiting, it seems obvious that whoever filled the tub has either left, or isn't going to come out until Blarth is gone. Slamming the door behind him, Blarth heads back into his room. To his suprise, the water in the tub is no longer hot. Perplexed as to how it could have cooled off so fast, Blarth checks the windows and fireplace for drafts, but can find none.

"Hmm... It must not have been as hot as I thought," he concludes before stripping and proceding to wash himself.