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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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Cadrius curses under his breath at Blarth's hot-temper. Although he recognizes a little of himself in the enraged half-orc. It appears preserving one's honor isn't limited to humans. He might not like the action, but Cadrius gives Blarth a moment or two of satisfaction before laying his hand on the half-orc's tensed shoulder.

Speaking quietly, he says, "That is quite enough, Blarth. I am certain he meant no harm" --his eyes shift to the man grasping at Blarth's wrist-- "right?"

"Yes! No...hurk...offense."

Cadrius' eyes shift across the library and sees a dozen pairs looking back at him. Any hope of keeping this quiet was gone the moment Blarth stormed across the library. Chances are this event will only add weight to their opposition's case. He almost chuckles at the thought. He and his companions have a way of taking a tenative situation and making it a thousand times worse.

"Blarth, please put the man down before he suffocates. I doubt any of us has the fortitude for another incident like Karkas."