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Hearing the taunt and turning to gauge Blarth's reaction, Nicos is surprised to find him already grappling the old man.

Hell in cone, that boy moves fast.

Throwing an alarmed look Cadrius' way, the bard warily approaches the enraged half-orc, relived to see the few patrons still about show no desire to intervene on their collages behalf.

"Woah, easy there Blarth," Nicos says as he nears his companion. "Some of those scrolls could actually be worth something, and nothing is more annoying then trying to get blood out of a thousand year manuscript."

Reaching out and pulling down a scroll, and idling smoothing it, thew bard continues.

"Lack or manners or not, you have to admit he does have a point my friend. You look and smell like you could do with a good long soak in a bath, and a clean set of clothing."

Sniffing himself, Nicos grins then adds.

"Come to think of it, you're not the only one in the need of a bath."

"Let me guess, he said something to insult him," a voice cuts through the tension before anyone can react to Nicos' banter. "Now why doesn't that surprise me," Gemoud continues as she strides across to the confrontation still taking place. "Tefikicalop, you're a fool, did I ever tell you that?"

Taking this opportunity, the offending wizard - Tefikicalop presumably - begins to plead.

"Yes, I'm sorry, I'm a fool, I didn't mean it like that, please don't hurt me."
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