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Shade could feel the other's eyes on her back as she strode from the refectory, but she kept her eyes straight ahead, blatantly ignoring Gemoud's fury, almost defying her to try something. Then she is through the doors and alone in the hall, adrenalaine still running through her veins like wildfire. This place was a nest of adders, and the cold blooded creatures were stirring restlessly. The less time they spent here the better.

After a short time, she begins to notice her surroundings: hallways dressed in stone that opened unexpectedly into atriums, junction boxes of sorts for the various passages. The place was huge, and it occurs to her that she has no idea where the library is, though she is fairly certain she can make it back to her own chamber. After a time of random, ineffective searching her frustration starts to build. Finally deciding she needs directions, she takes a seat on the stone ledge of a fountain, positioned in the center of what looks to be a major intersection. There is nobody else apparent, though there are various noises - the slam of a door, the distant sound of chanting, the clang of a bell.

Staring at her reflection in the water, she wonders if Cadogan is free or a prisoner in this place, and if they can do anything about it in any case. A Citadel full of haughty wizards was bad enough, but with they way things were going it could get outright hostile. Nicos had said they weren't all bad - after all, Cadogan was a worthy companion. Lost in thought, she closes her eyes and listens to the sound of cascading water, some absent thought tugging at the corners of her mind then dissipating as quickly as a ripple on a pond.

"Can I help you?"

Her eyes open with a start at the voice. The woman is standing almost at her shoulder; close enough that Shade silently berates herself for inattentiveness. She is perhaps the same height as Shade, with straight gold-blond hair and light brown eyes, dressed in a loose silk gown of deep red and accented with gold ornaments. The unassuming woman puts the normally defensive Shade at ease; something about her manner reminds the rogue of Cadogan.

"I was looking for the library, but this place is bigger then I thought."

"Yes, the layout can be quite confusing if you are new here, though it gets easier with time."

She smiles brightly at Shade and then extends a hand.

"I'm Ysene. I can show you there if you'd like; today is my free day, and I have some research I could do."

"You can call me Shade, and that would be a great help."

Ysene frowns thoughtfully for a moment, then continues.

"Although, now that I think on it, they will be closing the library for senior study at the start of the hour. Those who have mastered more difficult magics enjoy a less crowded atmosphere for their research. You seem to have recently come from a journey - perhaps you would like something to eat while we wait?"

"I just came from the refectory, thanks. Why don't you show me where it is, and I can go there later."

"If you'd like. Still, you look tired. My own chambers are close by and the library will not be closed for long. You can wait there and I can tell you about the Citadel."

Shade considers the suggestion. It made sense; she'd been wandering around for quite some time. It would take time to get back to her room and then she'd need to leave again. Besides, any information she could get from Ysene would likely help them.

"That sounds like a good idea."

Rising, Shade starts off after the apprentice sorceress, feeling optimistic about their situation for the first time in a week.