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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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He nods once, hefting the short blade and feeling its weight. He can use it, all squires trained under Heironeous receive rigorous martial instruction and as a result there are few weapons he is not capable of wielding. "A knight must be deadly with any weapon at any time," his armsmaster used to say. Unfortunately, he always favored the larger blades. Still, this would have to suffice and it certainly feels better in his hand than the dagger.

Not a bad sword, he thinks, but still small.

Keeping the blade in his hand, he peers down the dark tunnel. He can make it out faintly from the strands of daylight filtering through the grates, yet they would likely need a torch by the time they were through. Shade must have one, he thinks, she is always prepared. "Be prepared," his armsmaster's voice echoes again in his head, "a warrior of Heironeous must always be prepared."

"Lead on, bard," Cadrius says, pointing the sword at the darkness.