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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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Cadrius cocks his head to the side and looks at Shade for a moment before asking, "No?"

Turning back to the man, Cadrius reaches out and takes the offered dagger. Wrapping one large hand around it, he tests its weight. He'd prefer a sword, but the small blade would do in a pinch.

One certainly worked well enough before.

"I suppose you know these sewers, bard?" He asks, gesturing to the catacomb, "And if we allow you to come, you will guide us on the swiftest route to the blacksmith?"

He levels his gaze at the man and considers him one more time. There's something out of place about him, something's not right. He must have an alterior motive, he can't simply want to come along because of the adventure. While some of the bards Cadrius has met are fools, none saw much glory in trapsing about in filth.

"Very well. Shade says I can trust you. Do you have a name, or shall I simply call you bard?"

Nodding once at the response Cadrius says, "Lead on Nicos, we have some work yet before we are free."