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Juni says nothing. She realizes that Shade's advice is sound, but she doesn't have much of a choice in the matter. Alek had warned her that she could never hope to pass through the gates of the town unnoticed by the Guild unless she had help. That kind of help could only be purchased from a rival guild that specialized in such services - the Night Eyes. "But don't forget," he'd told her, "that they are thieves too, and will feel no particular loyalty to you or to me."

Footsteps sound in the hall outside the door, and Juni holds her breath listening. The steps are uneven, seeming to stagger almost, and soon pass by the door without pausing. All is quiet again.

"I wish I knew how long before they come back for me," Juni says with a sigh. She sits back down in the stiff-backed chair, carefully arranging her skirt and her cloak to keep Vywodor's short sword well hidden.