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"Don't wander off," they'd told her before leaving her alone in the room. Juni had heard the soft click of a bolt sliding home on the other side of the door, and had been uneasy about the implications. But she'd convinced herself that the two men were just making sure that she stayed where they put her and didn't go snooping around.

After they left, she'd looked around the room - a small, disused office, it seemed - and found little of interest. There was nothing to do but 'sit tight' as they'd told her to do and try to relax. At least she could finally take off the silly hat!

She doesn't hear the bolt slide free again or the door creak open. But she feels a sudden presence enter the room, and looks up to see a slim, dark figure standing in the doorway. A lamp set on a small table next to her chair flickers in the stirring of air. But its bright circle doesn't extend to the door, and only a small amount of light leaks into the room from the hallway behind the figure. Juni can't see a face, but she can tell that this is neither one of the two men who brought her here.

She stands, but has no idea what to say. Is this person here to help her? The 'boss' that her contact had referred to earlier? The two men hadn't said to expect someone else, but it seems like the most logical explanation. How to be sure though?

Juni has a sudden idea.

"Do you know what the future holds?" she asks the intruder in a breathy whisper.