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Her grey eyes sweep the room coldly, picking out two of Skathros' men - Veren was the lanky one with the crooked smile. She couldn't recall the other one's name - he was short with shifty eyes and thick fingers - but she saw him nudge his comrade and lean forward to converse when he caught sight of her. Shade ignores them, cursing herself mentally for coming here.

She should have gone somewhere outside the guild's territory. Too late for that now. As she looks around for an empty spot her gaze meets that of a young woman, seated by herself. There was fear in the girl's eyes; either she was in the wrong place or she was here to hire someone. The girl quickly looks away and Shade watches her for another moment before taking an empty spot near the bar, where she has a view of Skathros' men, the door, and - thanks to idle curiousity - the girl.

She orders a drink, has them leave the bottle with her. Stirh - a strong liquor fermented from the seren fruit of Cordava - her drink of choice. The first long sip is enough to make her eyes water. It is neither the time nor the place for her to be drinking heavily. At the moment she doesn't particularly care.