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Alek doesn't answer right away. Juni finds that she is holding her breath. Why does he look at me that way? His manner is polite and solicitous, but his eyes pierce like daggers.

"Who do you think is looking for you?" he finally asks her, his voice sharp. "The Guild, Juni. Damn! You should not have come."

Words die on her lips, withered by the harshness of his response. But what is there to say anyway? She did not know about the Guild, and can't think why they would be after her. Seeing the incomprehension in her eyes, Alek softens a little.

"It's because of your father, and the way he died. Don't you know what happened?"

She shakes her head wordlessly. Vywodor had told her nothing except that her father was dead.

"It was during a meeting of the Council, behind closed doors. The Guild Council, Juni. Your father was a member. Didn't you even know that much?" Alek sighs. "I'm not surprised. You always were the naive one.

"No one is talking about what happened exactly, but there was some kind of mishap - Rynem lost control or something. A couple of high-ranking council members were killed also. An hour after it happened, my superiors ordered me to take two men and retrieve you from your father's house. We were to use whatever force was necessary to ensure your cooperation. I don't know what they expected you do do, but the Guild is serious, Juni.

"So now you see the difficult position you've put me in. This family depends on the Guild for its livelihood. All of us - from Father on down - work for the Guild in one capacity or another. How can I put my family at risk by crossing them?"

Juni hangs her head, finding it difficult to look Alek in the eye. She had never meant to bring him trouble. How can this be happening?