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Sitting there in the dark, waiting, Shade had plenty of time to consider her employer. She didn't remember him, though he obviously remembered her - from the guild back at Driftport, he said - if he could be believed. He knew the right names, and anyway, she didn't see any reason why he'd lie about it. Apparently, they had both been apprentices at the same time. Business had taken him to Karkas, where he'd spotted her, and from then he'd kept an eye on her.

Why such an interest?

He just smiled, and she had felt her face almost redden. That embarassment had put her out of sorts and the other questions she ought to have asked were forgotten. Instead, she had pushed on to the job itself and what it entailed.

Now, though, sitting here and thinking, he really hadn't told her anything. One glimpse of someone he didn't really even know and he was tailing her for months? And for what? No, that didn't make any sense at all. But here she was, alone in the dark, at his bidding.

The moon had set, but the night streets here were still lit with gilt lanterns filled with expensive oil. It didn't matter. The light worked to her advantage, creating deeper shadows, blinding people to what lay beyond each bright circle.

Skathros himself looked like he might hail from this area, immaculately groomed, garbed in fashionable, expensive clothing. If his trappings were any indication, he'd risen quite high. High enough that he had the leeway to contract a freelancer to steal from a nobleman.

Unless he was planning to use her as a scapegoat. It was possible. She didn't know anything about the politics here, had nobody who would warn her. It seemed like a lot of trouble to go through for someone expendable, though - finding her, tracking her, rescuing her from the Citadel.

A light suddenly appeared in the lower story window of the mansion she was watching. She uncoiled from where she crouched, moving forward with the oily swiftness of a predator. She thrusts all thoughts aside. There was only a small window in which to accomplish her task . . .

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