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"They're looking for me? Already? For killing Vywodor?"

"Who's Vywodor? You killed someone, Juni?"

Alek had hustled her down the hall and through the door to his family's flat, one of four that shared space on the second floor of the building. He looks at her now, clearly shocked by what he's heard. But he settles her in a chair at the kitchen table, and brings her a small cup of watered ale to help steady her nerves.

"Drink," he says, pusing the cup into her hands. Then, "You'd better tell me what's happened."

Juni tells him everything.

"Vywodor was one of the teachers that Father hired for me after he took me to live with him. Well, I say that I lived with him - I lived in his house, but Father was hardly ever there. Business kept him away from home most of the time.

"But there were servants, and my teachers. Vywodor was one of them. He was teaching me different things. Some history and geography - he was foreign and well-travelled. And some sword play. That seemed odd to me, but Father insisted. And he was teaching me mental discipline. You know what I mean," she says, giving Alek a certain look. "He was like me... and like Father. He could do things. With his mind. He taught me that part secretly - the servants and the other teachers Father hired didn't know about it.

"Then something happened. I don't know when it was... Yesterday? Or the day before. I don't know, but right in the middle of one of my other lessons he sent Lady Couertney away, and the servants too. Everyone was gone. And then I think he drugged me somehow. I don't know what happened, but I woke up in some dirty room all alone, and the door was locked.

"He came to me later, dressed for traveling. And he told me that my father was dead. He didn't say how, but he said that with him gone, there was no-one to stop him from taking me. He said that they had uses for someone like me in his country, better use than my father was going to make of me. And he said some other things that didn't make sense.

"He left again, locking me up in the room. But when he came back, I was ready for him. I've learned to do some things, and I've learned control since I left here. Vywodor was a good teacher, but I was careful never to let him know exactly what I was capable of doing. I managed to surprise him, but it took everything I had and only left him weakened. I ended up taking his sword, and I.. I killed him with it."

She wavers in the telling when she comes to the murder, seemingly shocked to hear herself say the words. She finally drinks the ale that Alek has brought for her, downing it all in one long gulp. She's afraid to look across the table at Alek or say anything else, but there's something she has to ask him.

"You said that they are looking for me, but not because of Vywodor. Who are they? Who is looking for me, Alek?"