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It took her a while to find The Worn Devil since there was little in the way of markers in this twisted maze of streets. A few thugs had advanced purposefully towards her a little while back, but a twitch of her cloak had showed them her steel and they thought the better of it. The sign above the door depicted a stooped demon with a mug of ale. The door, the sign, and pretty much everything else about the place that she could see was in bad repair.

The inside looked a little better, but that was probably because it was so dim. The place was surprisingly busy for such an early hour, though she hadn't heard much noise from outside. Ignoring the looks directed at her, she made her way across the sawdust strewn floor - not to the bar, but to the rough hole in the wall which apparently led into a kitchen. She ordered there, a breakfast of Cara fish and black bread, to be cooked by Delores and no other. The nod on the other side told her that Skathros would get the message she was here. Now she just had to wait for him to show up.

She took a seat with her back to the wall, put a blade on the table within easy reach, and waited.