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They had questioned her business when she tried to enter the city but she had asked after Denrit, who held charge of the West Gate. His rough, square face held a set of bright blue eyes which regarded her with apathy until she mentioned Canthras the Weaver, as Skathros had told her to. Then he nodded, easing slightly closer to her, his left hand low and open while his right signaled the other guards to let her pass. The gesture was not lost on her and Shade surreptiously pressed a coin into his hand as she shouldered past and into the city proper, without ever entering her name on the roster.

Then she started hastily along Main, looking for the landmarks. Several turnings and an hour later she was deep into heart of this city. The sun was up by then, casting harsh light on the squalor around her. There were such places in every city, where law abiding folk shunned and the poor and the desparate stuggled to survive. It was here that the element she had come to meet called home. Guild masters might lead double lives, with rich mansions in better parts of town, but most of the thieves and cutthroats that made up the rank and file would live in or near the base of operations.

Young urchins ran unsupervised, barefoot and dressed in rags. Learning to make their own way, most with no place to call home. A hard world for them.

Shade stopped suddenly, slid into the long shadow cast by one of the wooden warehouses lining this narrow street. The urchins had stopped, tense and staring, like wild beasts in the presence of a predator. She casts her eyes about, finds the source of the tension almost immediately.

To her experienced eye there is little to fear of the small blond girl, despite the bloody sword in her hand. It was obvious she didn't know much about how to use it and the look of fear on her face was real. Too richly dressed for this neighborhood, not world bored enough to be a high priced whore. Kidnapped, perhaps?

She watches the quick change ritual, wonders who the girl has killed and why. Not that it mattered to her. The sooner she met with Skathros the sooner she could start a new life.

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