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Post Chapter 1 - Rescue at Rivenroar

"Gareth, get up here! The sun's almost reached the high tower on the Keep."

Clutching a bugle, a man in a tabbard that is too clean to have seen actual battle comes scrambling up the stairs to the top of the East Gate. Turning to face the west, he watches the sun as it dips towards the horizon, stamping his feet to ward off the slight chill carried by the autumn winds.

Raising the bugle to his lips, Gareth sounds the first notes of Captian's Call and each of the towers takes up their notes in turn, circling the city twice in the space of a few seconds.

"Sounds like the new bugler is stationed at the Market Gates today," Gareth remarks as the temple bells begin their answering peal, marking the end of the work day.

* * *

*bong* *bong*

As the last of the temple bells fades away, the Antler and Thistle begins to fill, it's business picking up as other businesses close down for the evening and the shop owners and workers come in for a drink and comradeship before heading home for the evening. In the back corner three patrons play a game of silver ante while a neighboring table hosts a game of Wishing Well. Around the central fire place several men gather, listening as one of their number spins a tale, while those at the tables form groups 3 or 4 or 5 and talk about their day as they share drinks and food. Near the front an individual issues a general challenge for a game of darts, loser buys the drinks, while those at a nearby table start taking bets as to the outcome. Behind the bar the proprietor fills drink orders, calling occasionally to his wife back in the kitchen, while his kids bustle back and forth between the bar, the tables, and the kitchen carrying orders back and forth.
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