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Drenik: the hospital is miles away, outside of town. How are you getting there?

Serenity: if you want to speed up your conversation with Jacoby, we should schedule a chat in Ventrilo or something similar and do it all at once instead of line by line. You also receive a prompt saying that you have new email.

Val: We need a description of what your character is up to the next day.

Alex: you successfully escape from Digi's character, outrunning him through the cemetery and stumbling through the woods, finally finding a highway that winds towards the city beyond. Feel free to describe it as you see fit, then tell me what your character does. You are in control of your wits, since you did not succumb to frenzy.

Digi: Your character chases Dagney's to the edge of the cemetery, where the prey climbs the crumbling stone wall and tears through the forest. You are compelled to return to your haven and protect it. You precious, safe place. No one can see you here. Sssshhhh.....

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