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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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Cadrius isn't certain he wants to leave Shade alone with the amiable Gemoud. Knowing her temper and her methods, he wonders if they might suddenly have to flee the tower after the mysterious disappearance of one of its members. He mentally shakes his head. She's smart enough to avoid killing in a place where her every move could be watched from afar. Still, he doesn't envy Gemoud, not at all.

The library itself is of passing interest to Cadrius. His family had kept a library at their estate, although it wasn't nearly so grand as the one present. Indeed, he wagers there was a good deal more about warfare and mercantilism in his home than here. Or at least, there was less regarding demon resurrection and arcane theory.

"No, it does not," Cadrius replies, nodding at the bard. His gaze passes across several apprentices or acolytes, he isn't certain what novice wizards are called. They wear unadorned robes of a brown color as they scurry about, shelving books from large push-carts. Seeing them move about makes him wonder why wizards wear robes all the time. Certainly it would be much easier --not to mention less conspicuous-- to simply don pants and a shirt. Perhaps it's tradition that guides their fashions. And yet Gemoud dressed somewhat normally. Perhaps sorceresses are allowed more leeway given their rather uncommon nature.

"So what are we to do here? Educate ourselves?"