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The others file out of the refectory, leaving Shade momentarily alone with the taller Gemoud. The redhead stares at her with a half smile and delicately raises one eyebrow, the friendliness of her expression never reaching her startling blue eyes.

"What can I help you with?"

Shade regards her evenly, her own grey eyes hooded, arms folded.

"I think you know."

Neither woman moves for several seconds. Gemoud's smile widens slightly, which somehow manages to increase the tension.

"Do I? Perhaps you would like to know the location of the bath house. You seem quite travel worn. The land hereabouts is harsh on one's skin."

"Stay away from him. And the rest of us."

"My, you are certainly the insecure one. I am merely here to help."

Gemoud looks smug, superior; statuesque and beautiful, she is quite sure of how to handle this street rabble. Shade takes a step forward and very carefully brushes an imaginary speck of dust from the taller woman's shoulder. Quick as a snake, her hand seizes a handful of coppery hair and drags Gemoud's face level with her own. The redhead grabs at Shade's hand, but years of swordplay have given her strength beyond what her slight frame would indicate.

"I said stay- " her hand twists sharply, bringing a pained expression to the others face "-away."

She realeases her grip and deliberately turns her back and exits the room. Gemoud runs a hand through her hair and adjusts her cloak, her burning blue eyes never leaving Shade's back.

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