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Gemoud smiles at the half-orc, shaking her red locks slowly.

"Dinner won't be served for another hour, at the least."

Shade rises, a hand still on the bard's shoulder.

"An hour is plenty of time for some exploration. Nicos mentioned there is a sizable library here. I'd like to have a look."

At this, Nicos stands as well looking quite smug as he puts an arm around Shade's waist.

"Ah, yes. The library: a most fascinating place. It surpasses any I have seen in my considerable travels."

The scraping of chairs is the only sound, and the Gemoud is uncharacteristally silent as she observes the others. Shade watches her closely without seeming to do so, inwardly seething at this game of cat and mouse. The group starts towards the door and Shade falls back, putting an hand on the red heads arm as Gemoud passes by her. She waves away Nicos' enquiring glance.

"You go on ahead. I have a question for our hostess."