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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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"Yes, I remember Skirf. He was a good man," Cadrius says, attempting to give the opposite description of Shade's treacherous, former companion, but adds almost as an afterthought, "one I would not mind running across one day."

Their footfalls echo softly off the stone floor, walls, and ceiling. Cadrius remains alert, as if expecting to see a robed spy lurking in a doorway or corner. For all he knows they could be inside the walls themselves, listening to every word, watching each exchange. If so, they'd already know of what Shade suspects. Cadrius briefly wonders if staying in the hills might have been a wiser decision. He looks over to Shade, a determined look blanketed across her face making her features unreadable.

"He did a fair amount of reading, for a blind man," he says, recalling his first encounter with the wizard. They had been captured by gnolls and were bound in a lightless cell within a set of caves. Cadogan had proved more useful than the fallen paladin, and since setting them free Cadrius had felt as if he owed the man a debt. It looks like he repaid him in Karkas by slaying those that had besmirched Cadogan's honor. Cadrius wonders if the blind man ever knew of what happened, of what transpired in the fallen paladin's efforts to repay his debt. More importantly, would he agree? Would he care? Or would he be horrified at the loss of three lives, unintentional as it had originally been.

Cadrius' eyes fall on Gemoud and he wonders if Shade's suspisions might be off. Sorceress or not she seems harmless enough; pretty with luxrious red hair, and wide, attentive eyes. Of course her robe is fitted to subtly annunciate her sexuality. It's that facet that sets off a warning within his mind; Cadrius realizes that she would make for a perfect spy. Who better to use in a party of men than an attractive, disarming, young woman? Someone who they would foolishly let their guard down around; who they would lust after.

Regardless of supposed position as a spy, Cadrius still grants her an appropriately deep bow. As he straightens his eyes roam over to Nicos, trying to see if the one-armed bard might have fallen under her spell. In return she nods her head in acceptance of the courtesy.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Gemoud," he says, smiling at the young woman, "and I must thank you and your kin here for this hospitality extended to us. It was a hard road to travel, but I do believe it was worth it."

Once the pleasantries are aside, Cadrius removes the cloak that he hastily threw about his shoulders and straps his sword across his back. Satisfied at having the feeling of the blade resting across one shoulder, Cadrius replaces the cloak.

"I do not mean to offend, Gemoud," he says, straightening the woolen cloak, "I do not fear trouble, but instead fear a bit...naked without its presence."