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Wow. This book looks like it has an incredible amount of knowledge about how the Dwarfs got started! I could probably find what I was looking for in here. Now if I could only read what was in front of me. Ben sighed as he tried to discern the strange symbols written in the book open before him. He closed it and put the book back on the shelf with the others before going back over to the chair that he had been sitting in before. He grabbed the shield and held it in front of him.

I just wish I knew what this symbolized. Or at least why Dorndrum was so possessive of it. God, how I wish the lot of them could be here now. Placing the shield back against the chair, Ben sat down and closed his eyes. He'd been traveling to this citadel for nearly 10 years now. Along the way he had fought orcs and goblins, kobolds and hobgoblins, not to mention the occasional man or woman bent on conquering this or destroying that. And through it all, he had always stopped off and told the families of those whom he had traveled with of the news of their loved ones demise.

It was always so hard. He had thought that maybe he would have gotten used to it, and the years had slightly dulled the pain of his actions, but whenever he told the family, one of his friendsí faces would always appear before him. Sometimes, he could even see his friends in the faces of their family. And they were never the face of them smiling, or of them laughing, but always that one last look they had before...

Ben's eyes flew open. He'd lost his train of thought again. He reached up and took of the wide-brimmed hat he wore on his head. It had been Rocky's favorite, and Ben could still smell the after-effects of his friends "potions" on it. He smiled at the memory of his friend's face when he realized that the dealer who had sold them too him had lied and the potions didn't make him irresistible to women.

But this place...this place was utterly alien to Ben. He could find nothing here to relate to his three friends whom had been a part of this "Brotherhood". Though from time to time one of them would mention it, Ben got the distinct impression that even Jonathan had felt caged within these walls and wanted to be out and about finding new and exciting things, even at his advanced age of 69. But even worse, Ben couldn't even imagine Lisa being anywhere near people like this. They seemed so...reclusive and were more interested in their books and magics and not the people who their knowledge and power would actually affect.

Lisa hadn't been anything like that. Maybe that was why she had left along with Jonathan and Turmahult. She had always told Ben that she would gladly be beaten half-to death and lose all her powers even if it would only save one person. She had always had other's needs before her own, probably the reason she had taken in the young lad who had foolishly tried to take Jonathan's book. Maybe that was why she had taught him about her own morals, and why they were so important, even though most of whom received them didn't seem to need it.

Maybe that was why Ben thought of her as the closest thing to a mother he had ever had.