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Pah, it's nothing compared to the time I closed the door (after letting a friend out) and heard a squeal. I disregarded it however and went upstairs.

Some time later, I heard another squeal. This time it was obviously my mother. So I ran downstairs to find her standing in the doorway to the hallway, gasping at what seemed a battle field: the floor (and everything lower than 10 cm) was covered with blood.

I tiptoe-ed across the floor to the other side of the hallway and switched on the light. Another two squeals...

My mother squealed because she saw a moving ball of bloody fur, the moving ball of bloody fur because it obviously was under a load of stress already and did not like the light.

Next followed a chase where more blood splattered everywhere. I managed to grab the rodent eventually (thank god it had not dared to shoot past/through my mother's legs into the living room - she was still standing shocked, gasping at the scene). It didn't bother biting me, probably because it was too weak and tired. I opened it the front door and threw the mouse into the front garden, quickly closing the door again.

Aparently, when I first had heard a squeal, I had chopped off the mouse's (who just happened to be running into the house) tail when I closed the door. Obviously, the mouse had been running/walking around the hallway when I had left upstairs, squirting blood from the stump that was once its tail...

It was truly a disturbing sight, but the hallway was clean again after 3 hours
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