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Prologue 10

Revolution – Prologue 10: Getting Ready to Depart

It has been three days since your battle with the bearded devils, your reunion with Amra (and Samson), and your meeting with Shaun Taunador. The weather has been terrible (torrential rain mixed with snow, flooding, lightning, and hail – just typical weather for this time of year in the North) and you have spent those three days healing, preparing for your journey, and selling and trading your goods. It is early April and all of you are at the Blue Dragon Inn (where Amra is staying), having supper and planning your trip. Borth is with you but the mind flayer is not; you haven’t seen him for the past three days. Here is a recap of what you know thus far:

From Prologue 1:
“So…where we going first?” Mirko asks while slathering apple butter on a hot biscuit.
Borth swallows a mouthful of eggs and replies, “I figure we head to the northern end of town to Foehammer’s Forge – have Goldhand look at your armor and weapons; maybe compare with Uldinath’s Arms across the street. Between Goldhand and Uldinath you should be able to get an idea of what you got and how much it’s worth.”
“Then what are we gonna do with ‘em?” Dreys asks as Shelly pours him another cup of hot spiced cider. She winks at him and he blushes, and she walks away giggling.
Mirko watches her walk away, admiring the way she sways, and then looks back at Dreys…who is still watching, and chuckles.
“I figure Lord Frindos (the current ruler of Triboar) may give decent coin for the weapons and such for the local militia, but not probably what they are worth. Still it’s hard coin and better than you’re like to get anywhere in town. You can always look to do some trading at the Cart and Coin but…” he shrugs and eats the last of his eggs and doesn’t finish his sentence.
Mirko looks at Dreys and the dwarf sucks his teeth and says, “They got any potions in town, ye think? Maybe at this Cart and Coin place?”
“Maybe,” Borth says. “They buy and sell and trade all kinds of things over there…so I’m told. While you are at Goldhand’s, I’ll venture down there and sniff around for you.”

From Prologue 5:
“For decades, the Northern Underdark (or Northdark) has been a place of festering evil…at best! There are some pockets of good-aligned beings but those are few and far between. And from my brief time in…limbo…I was made aware of a threat to the surface world…a threat from the lower depths of the Northdark. Far below the city of Waterdeep, several miles below the surface, lies what once was the most powerful Illithid metropolis in all of Faerun. Ch’chitl is a city ruled exclusively by powerful undead mind flayers known as the Concord of Elders. Illithid cities are normally ruled by a single elder brain, but about 100 years ago, the elder brain of Ch’chitl died, so the elders decided to seek lichdom so they could increase their powers and split the powers of the elder brain between them. Each elder became an illithilich – an extremely powerful undead mind flayer. Each has absorbed the memories of thousands of Illithids among them, but there is no unified rule – the illithiliches jealously guard their individual memories and plot and scheme against one another.
“But one thing they are united on is raiding, and they are not satisfied with the Underdark and the trade routes from Skullport – they seek to establish raiding forays onto the surface.”

I am Shaun Taunador, a merchant from Skullport and a servant for one of the elders of the city of Ch’Chitl. My master sent me to find you.
In the city of Ch’Chitl, we have a large number of…thralls, servants of the elders. The majority of those thralls are deep bears, quaggoth in your language. My master told me of a large group recently captured by a raiding party near the Dark Lake. He said that group may hold a particular interest to you, Mirko of Uthgar. He said the deep bears kept chanting ‘Bah’rym Quah!’ over and over while they fought, and during their march through the Northdark.
My master wants your help…in destroying the city of Ch’Chitl.

From Prologue 7:
While another band of thunderstorms slowly passes over the town, Shaun Taunador tells you in detail how he came to be sitting in a bar in Triboar trying to convince you to help his master destroy their home city of Ch’Chitl.
(See attached file entitled Ch’Chitl – do you still have this file?)

Our guide through the Underdark…is stationed here in Triboar. He has been here for many years and is an expert in the ways of the people here as well as those with whom he trades. He is in disguise, of course, but you will meet him soon enough. His name is Ilserv, but here he is known as Ilrin Sharadin, a renowned guide in this region. He will lead us from here, through the Northdark, and finally to the city of Ch’Chitl.
So…here is your chance to liberate your people, Mirko of Uthgar. And you, Dreys of Clan Stoneshaft, Jundar Swordbreaker reborn, you have the opportunity to fulfill your destiny and lead your people to war against those who have oppressed them for ages. And in so doing, you aid my master in destroying the power of the Elders of Ch’Chitl. Revolution, my friends! Tell me, is this something you are ready to do?

From Prologue 8:
“Payment for your stuff,” Borth murmurs, looking back and forth from Dreys to Mirko to Amra to the mind flayer. His hands twitch as if he is not sure what to do. “You got some good coin for most of your goods; Lord Frindos will buy the rest most likely. I sent the common weapons and armor over to his keep.”

“I have already conveyed my master’s desires to you. He wishes to bring down the corrupt Council and rule alone. I know not how to convince you of the truth of my intentions and the plans of my master. I risk much by just coming to you like this. If my presence here is detected – the Council of Elders has many spies – then my master will be destroyed and my life is forfeit. But…perhaps there is a way to gain your trust.”
Shaun reaches inside his robes and gently removes what looks like some sort of crystal on a chain from around his neck. When looked at closely, it is a small globe filled with mucous. Shaun holds it out to you and you can barely see a tiny bud about the size of a walnut floating in the mucous.
“This is my brainmate. In the colony, we feel the gentle hum of the elder brain constantly – or as in the case of Ch’Chitl, the presence of the elders. It is very comforting to those of us who travel outside the city, outside the presence of our elder brain. It is a means of staying attached to our home.”
His clawed hands shake and for the first time, you can sense some type of emotion from the mind flayer, although it is almost instantly squelched.
“While on our journey, I offer my brainmate to you to carry. I…I just ask that you care for it, protect it, as you would something you highly value of your own person.”
He hands the crystal globe to Mirko and then sits back in the chair, hands locked firmly in his lap, tentacles twitching and writhing.
“Now…do you trust me, Mirko Blue Bear, Child of Uthgar?”

Current group:
Amra and Samson
Shaun Taunador

From selling the goods, Borth brought you the following:
2500 gold (that’s all of the equipment, armor, weapons, etc)
There were only two things, he wouldn’t sell to Goldhand, Uldinath, or the Cart and Coin, or to the militia:
1/ Magnificent Captain’s Coat – Lord Frindos offered 1000 gold for it; do you accept or counter?
2/ Trident of Warning +1 – Lord Frindos offered another 1000 gold for it; do you accept or counter?

Answers to some of Mirko’s questions:

Re: Samson being charmed – here is Amra’s reaction:
“I was shocked and angry at first…but I trust Samson not to hurt me. So after I dealt with my initial shock and listened to what Shaun was saying, I accepted it. I didn’t like it, but I accepted it. Samson wasn’t injured and that was my primary concern.”

Re: what kind of forces to expect to be fighting:
Amra says, “Undoubtedly there will be battles with other mind flayers, the citizens of Ch’Chitl. And who knows what kind of thralls they will have in their service. There could be any Underdark race including…quaggoth. Only Shaun can answer this question with certainty.”

Re: how to protect against psionic attack or intrusion:
Amra says, “There may be some spells to guard our minds and thoughts. I will see what I can find out tonight in my prayers. Perhaps the Oak Father or the Lady of the Forest will reveal something to me.”
Borth chimes in, “There are also magical items known to offer protection from mind blasts and such. Never had such myself, but I’ve heard of ‘em.”

Unanswered questions:
- what is the layout of the city?
- how many quaggoth are there? Individual’s names?
(These will be answered on the way.)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>

As supper ends and you sit by the fire sipping wine or something stronger, Borth says, “There is supposed to be a break in the weather in a day or two. Figure you guys are planning on heading out then, eh?”
Dreys nods and Amra says, “Wonder when we will meet our guide, this Ilrin Sharadin person? Didn’t Shaun say he was in Triboar?”
“He’s a scout and has lived here for years,” Borth replies. “He’s shady and I don’t trust him, but he’s good and he gets paid well for his services. Me and him crossed paths once…and now we respect each other, but that’s about it.”
The rest of the evening is spent quietly by the fire, talking about the trip, and wondering about the outcome. You close down the place, as the last of the patrons either heads home or upstairs to bed, and the barmaids extinguish all of the lamps and candles. The fire is barely flickering and the strong drink has taken its toll on you and your eyelids are heavy. In fact, Dreys is snoring softly in his chair, his feet propped up on Samson’s broad back, also asleep, his tail twitching in dreams.
My friends…
The mind flayer’s voice causes you to flinch and almost wakes Dreys…almost.
I apologize for my absence these past days, but I have been busy making ready for our departure. We shall leave Triboar in the early hours of morning, two days hence. Our guide will meet us and we shall begin our perilous journey. We may also have another traveler in our group – you will meet him then. Make your final preparations on the morrow and I shall meet you on the outskirts of town just past The Triboar Travelers – a fitting name for a meeting place for our journey, don’t you agree?
Until then…

The presence in your mind disappears and as soon as it does, Dreys sits upright and looks around wide-eyed. His heels dig into Samson’s ribs and the great tiger growls in discomfort and simply rolls over.
Dreys smacks his lips and looks around at his companions and says, “What ye looking at me fer? Was I snoring? Did I fart in me sleep?”
Mirko smiles and says, “Something like that.”

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>

Alrighty then – are ye ready?
Before we officially start the next chapter, I need to know a few things:
1/ Equipment – what do you have and/or what do you want to purchase before you leave town? You have to figure that you might not be able to buy “surface” goods in the Underdark.
2/ Do you accept Lord Frindos’ offer on the two items? And what do you do with all of that coin? How much do you take with you? Where would you leave it if you don’t?
3/ Any final preparations before leaving – last will and testament, tying up any loose ends, one more roll in the hay, etc…

Talk to me – it’s almost time for a REVOLUTION!!!

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