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Prologue 9

Revolution – Prologue 9: Hysterics

“While on our journey, I offer my brainmate to you to carry. I…I just ask that you care for it, protect it, as you would something you highly value of your own person.”
He hands the crystal globe to Mirko and then sits back in the chair, hands locked firmly in his lap, tentacles twitching and writhing.
“Now…do you trust me, Mirko Blue Bear, Child of Uthgar?”
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>

Mirko looks at the globe and stays quiet for a few moments; taking his eyes off Shaun for the first time, he seems to be weighing the situation. He looks at Samson at the feet of the mind flayer then returns his eyes to Shaun.
"Trust is not something that can be bargained or forced upon (the last
implies the way Samson is behaving). Those responsible for my people’s
enslavement will pay for their actions; whether they are enemies or friends
of your master does not concern me."
Putting the globe back on the table and pushing it towards Shaun (with care), he continues. "I appreciate the risk and sacrifice this represents; I will travel with you and fight to liberate my people."
Dreys listens to Mirko and agrees. "If’n you take on this task, me be with ye me friend. We seen plenty in our time together, and me plans not to stop now." Dreys gives Mirko a slap on the back. “Let’s get yer kind out of harms way."
Amra stands up and puts her hand on Mirko’s shoulder. “You know I am with you too. I have a debt to pay for my life and this is it.”

Shaun Taunador gently retrieves his brainmate and slips it back around his neck, tucking it gently into the folds of his voluminous robes. He folds his clawed fingers together and mindspeaks to you.
“You have my gratitude, all of you. Together, we will make this happen. All of us…will get what we want.”

Dreys nods, downs a fresh mug of ale, stands and picks up the Burning Blade. He belches loudly and clasps Mirko on the shoulder. “Yer like me brother from another mother, me friend.”
Amra giggles and Borth snickers, but it is the comments of the mind flayer that push everyone over the edge.
“Are you saying the same human that sired the barbarian sired you as well? I don’t understand.”

Amra howls and falls on the floor, grabbing her stomach, laughing hysterically. Borth spits and slobbers, gasping for breath. And Mirko and Dreys just look at each other with confused expressions.
“Did we miss something?” Mirko asks. Which only sends Amra and Borth into new fits of hysterics.

Initiative: +9
AC 19/ HP 119 – down 40 (but no longer bleeding)
Bastard Sword 2Handed- (FlameTongue)
To hit: +17/+12
Damage: 1d10+9, (+1d6 fire damage)
Crit: 19-20/x2+1d10
Bear Form2claws (+18, 1d4+9/x2); bite (+18, 1d6+5)
Relevant abilities: Warcry; Power Attack, Cleave, Improved Bullrush,
Uncanny Dodge, Improved Uncanny Dodge
Equipment: Boots of speed; Flametongue sword; Breastplate of Talos

Initiative: +2; To hit: +14/+9
AC 19 (Magical Breast Plate +1 (+6), +2 Dex); flat-footed 16; touch 12
HP 82 – down 12 (but no longer bleeding)
Dwarven Waraxe: +9 (+7 BAB +3 Str, +1 Feat); Damage: 1d10+4 bludgeoning; Critical: x3
Fortitude: +8 (4 Base Con +4); Reflex:::: +3 (1 Base Dex +2); Will:::::+1 (1 Base Wis 0)
+2 on saving throws vs spells/spell like abilities/poison
Feats: Weapon Focus (Dwarven Waraxe)(+1); Power Attack; Great Cleave (+4), Slight of hand, Survival, Improved Iron Will, Strike Back
Valkur's Boon: Boots of Balance - gives you Balance +7

Bearded devil xp – 3200 each