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Chapter 0: Prologue

For various reasons each of you has journeyed to the southern reaches of Creation and found yourself in a small village just twenty miles north of Gem. For some this is a rest point before continuing on to the main city in search of glory and adventure. For others it is the beginning of a search to find what once was lost or is yet to be found. Reguardless of the reason you have come to it, the village of Azurite, which is aptly named for it's azurite mines which provide a much needed source of income for the peoples of the village as the land surrounding the village limmits is rough and hardly suitable for farming more than turnips.
During your stay in Azurite, you are welcomed into the solitary inn, the maidens rest, which also doubles as the judicial center. This evening is the monthly meeting of the govenor's council to discuss matters of law (revenue, new laws, etc.). You all, along with the other patrons, are relaxing in the tavern when a loud shouting comes from outside. The council is quick to its feet and heads for the door, many of the patrons rush to follow.

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