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Merc, that isn't how it works. Just read the text, bud.
Whenever the alchemist imbibes a mutagen, he gains two claw attacks and a bite attack.
Whenver the alchemist imbibes a mutagen. Ok, so say he is drinking a mutagen that grants him +4 Str, +2 AC and -2 Int. We will call it a "strength mutagen". Whenever he drinks the strength mutagen he gains two claw attacks and a bite attack.

Thats how it works because thats what it says. Now, I agree that I couldn't drink a strength mutagen, start working on making a constitution mutagen and drink it when I was done to gain both affects. That is what the text you are referencing prevents. In such a case the duration would be reset and the newest mutagen's abilities would take effect.

And to be clear with my build I'm not talking about ever making seperate mutagens. I'm talking about making a single mutagen. This mutagen would be a strength mutagen. And when he drinks the mutagen he gains claws and bite attack from the feral mutagen discovery.

You can so have Growth mutagen on top of it. That is specifically how it works. Just read the text. It says:
When the chymist assumes her mutagenic form, she increases one size category...
It does NOT say, "...the master chemist can make a mutagen that does X". If it did then I would agree with you. But it doesn't. It specifically states that this happens when they assume their mutagenic form. It happens. When they assume their mutagenic form. Period. There is no "second mutagen". There is only the one mutagen. And that mutagen is perminant thanks to Infuse Mutagen.

And it isn't to prevent the type of build that I'm going for, Merc. The entire Prc is built around making this type of build. That is what it does. Do me a favor and go look around the interwebs at some Master Chemyst builds and I think you will see my point.

You are right, however, about when I had taken Growth. I'd have to switch Furious and Growth around. Its the same net effect actually as he could still just be drinking enlarge extracts until he gets perminant growth.
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