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I simply cannot see any way around this one. It's pretty cut and dry right there. Any time an alchemist drinks a mutagen, the effects of any previous mutagen immediately end. There's no wiggle room there.

If you drink a feral mutagen and gain the attacks, and then drink the growth mutagen, you get bigger but lose the attacks. It says the effects of any previous mutagen end. And it says "immediately."

I mean, I even took the time to grab a screen cap. That's as obvious as I can make it. If you read it differently, then you simply have to be reading different words.

That's for a base Alchemist. You simply cannot have two mutagens active in your body at any one time.

Master Chymist changes things somewhat. You still can't have two mutagens active at any one time. There are times when you take an Advanced Mutagen (Furious, for instance) and what it does is add to the base Mutagen (Feral, in this case). But you still can't have Growth on top of that. Here's the bit from Master Chymist that discusses that.

Taking a mutagen or using the mutate ability again while in her mutagenic form works normally (with the new mutagen’s modifiers replacing the current modifiers, and the longer duration taking precedent).
So, if you are in mutagenic form (say from taking the Feral Mutagen as modified by Furious Mutagen) and then you take the Growth Mutagen, the Feral Mutagen modifiers go away, but you stay in Mutagenic form.

I think it's specifically to prevent the kind of build you're going for, actually.

Again, you can be Feral (with the Furious modifiers added to Feral) or you could have Growth, but you can't be both. The minute you imbibe the second mutagen, the effects of the first end.

Another problem - you can't take Growth Mutagen until your combined alchemist level is 16, which, for your build, isn't until you hit level 17. You could take Furious at 12, leave Greater where it is, but you'd have to move Growth to level 18.
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