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Rage Alchemist (Pathfinder)

So I had another idea for a character concept for an upcoming game I will be playing in. When I have an upcoming game I typically like to lay out some different character concepts I would be interested in playing that could fill different niches. I started looking through some of the base classes presented in the APG and became interested in the Alchemist. I really kind of like how it works mechanically and the opportunities it gives for RP advancement and character development. I started thinking of what kind of Alchemist I'd like to play and the mutagens are what caught my eye the most.

With that in mind I started to look at what options I had and what kind of character I could imagine that would work well with the mutagens. First I thought of Gnomes because of their craftyness but then quickly figured that would be cliche and didn't fit my concept of a character that could wade into melee when needed. Looking through the races I settled on Half-Orc. I know it seems odd for an Alchemist (which is one reason it fascinated me) but hang with me on this one. I think you'll like the concept.

I have got some further details about the game: the DM said he will likely be using 20 point buy for stats. With that in mind, take a look at the build and let me explain it a bit afterwords.

Str: 12
Dex: 12
Con: 18 (with the racial +2, placing all level ups here)
Int: 16
Wis: 8
Cha: 8

Traits: (if we are using them)
Legacy of Sand (Racial: +1 Will Save)
Berzerker of the Society (Class: Rage +3/day)

Race: Half-Orc

1st: Alchemist 1: Alchemy, Bombs 1d6, Brew Potion, Mutagen, Throw
Anything, Feat: Fight On
2nd: Barbarian 1: Fast Movement, Rage
3rd: Alchemist 2: Discovery: Feral Mutagen, Poison Resistance +2,
Poison Use, Feat: Endurance
4th: Alchemist 3: Bomb 2d6, Swift Alchemy
5th: Alchemist 4: Discovery: Infuse Mutagen, Feat: Die Hard
6th: Alchemist 5: Bomb 3d6, Poison Resistance +4
7th: Alchemist 6: Discovery: Lingering Spirit, Swift Poisoning, Feat:
Extra Rage
8th: Alchemist 7: Bomb 4d6
9th: Master Chemist 1: Bomb-Thrower, Mutagenic Form, Mutate 2/day,
Feat: Deathless Initiate
10th: Master Chemist 2: Advanced Mutagen: Nimble, Bomb 5d6
11th: Master Chemist 3: Brutality 2, Feat: Ironhide
12th: Master Chemist 4: Advanced Mutagen: Growth Mutagen, Bomb 6d6
13th: Master Chemist 5: Mutate 3/day, Feat: Deathless Master
14th: Master Chemist 6: Advanced Mutagen: Greater Mutagen, Bomb 7d6
15th: Master Chemist 7: Brutality 4, Feat: Extra Rage
16th: Master Chemist 8: Advanced Mutagen: Furious Mutagen, Mutate
2/day, Bomb 8d6
17th: Master Chemist 9: Brutality 6, Feat: Raging Vitality
18th: Master Chemist 10: Advanced Mutagen: Grand Mutagen, Mutate 5/day, Bomb 9d6

Alright, so when thinking of the concept for the character I was trying to decide on race. Gnome seemed good for a scholastic type alchemist as they are great with crafting but I wanted my guy to be a bit different. The setting we are playing in is going to be post apocalyptic fantasy. I decided I would like to make a character drawing from a couple of different inspirations. The Master Chemist screams Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde but I wanted to put a fantasy spin on it. I also wanted to play up the internal conflict between the personalities but decided I'd rather not make them completely seperate. More like a darker side of his personality that is trying to become the dominant side and fighting him subconciously.

For this build I decided to go Half-Orc as I thought it fit thematically with the struggle between his scientific human side and his violent orc side. I also decided I wanted to draw from the human experimentation on genetic alteration done in the Third Reich during WW2 and have this character be the result of magical genetic manipulation to create a "perfect warrior" hybrid. As the character grew though he became self interested in the experiment used to create him and continued to experiment on himself in an effort of self perfection. I wanted to play up the mental schizophrenic issues and also make him a megalomaniac perfectionist.

Now.... as for the mechanics and why I chose what I did. Let me go over them one by one.

Fight On - This feat fits the overall theme of the character with being a warrior that is capable of fighting after sustaining wounds what would otherwise kill him. 1/day gain HP = Con mod when reduced to below 0HP for 1min. This works well in conjunction with his ferocity racial trait and in combination with Rage from his barbarian class level as it increases his Con.

Feral Mutagen - His beastial side is starting to come forth giving a bite and 2 claw attacks. Did I mention that in Pathfinder all natural attacks are primary? This attack routine will be his modus operandi throughout his entire progression from here on out.

Endurance - Aside from being a prerequisite feat it is in theme with the character concept of physical self perfection and conditioning. Also, being able to sleep in his armor is good.

Infuse Mutagen - From here out his violent beastial side has become dominant and he is permanantly in that form/state of mind. He doesn't totally lose his alchemist personality though. He is just more violent. I'm going for the Strength boost here.

Feat - Die Hard: with a vengence. Excuse the pun. This is where he begins to become very hard to put down. He can keep fighting until at -20 HP. That is pre-rage and without item or spell buffs.

Lingering Spirit - So yeah, now he isn't dead until -30 HP (pre-rage, item/spell buff). Good luck killing him while he is still trying to rip your face off.

Extra Rage - Since rage is kinda a staple of this build this feat isn't a waste. Plus I needed to spend a feat before being able to qualify for his next feat. Very in theme either way.

Deathless Initiate - He now meets the steep requirements. Not staggered while using Die Hard and +2 to melee damage. Good luck trying to kill him while he is now able to full attack even while "dieing" and dealing more damage to your face.

Nimble - You know, I would have rather taken his other mutagens here but they have level requirements he doesn't yet meet. This definately helps when wading into melee though.

Ironhide - This is a prereq feat. +1 Natural AC still doesn't go to waste though.

Growth Mutagen - No longer will he be needing to quaff endless potions of Enlarge Person. Now he is big perminantly.

Deathless Master - While continuing to rip his opponent's face off while "dieing" he no longer hurts himself.

Greater Mutagen - Str +6, Con +4, Int -2, Wis -2, +4 natural armor. HULK SMASH!!! By this level I should easily be able to break 30 Con making the character not dead until -40 HP which will be tough to get to considering his massive HP pool by that time (8+1d12+7d8+6d10+140 = average 219 HP not considering items).

Raging Vitality - +2 Con while raging.

Furious Mutagen - All natural attacks move up 1 size category. They were already moved up 1 size category for being large size, this moves them up to huge size.

Toughness - By this level thats going to add up to a lot of HP. I didn't take it earlier as I was trying to get my prereq feats out of the way and had higher priorities.

Grand Mutagen - +8 Str, +6 Con, +4 Dex, -2 to Int, Wis, Cha. +6 natural armor. This stacks with Rage which will be giving +4 Str, +6 Con, -2 AC. Easily will have well over 400hp with items, and a 36 Con making him not dead until he has taken over 450 damage without getting healed. Thats without considering other extracts he will have applied to himself, buffs, other items, etc.

So whatcha think? Not too shabby? Opinions? Ideas?

A couple things I considered:

Ragechemist. While it is definately in theme the ongoing reduction of Int scares me.

I considered forgoing the Feral Mutagen in favor of just using spiked gauntlets. It is easier to get plusses to weapons than it is to natural weapons and it would free up a Discovery and an Advanced Mutagen but I'm not sure what I would take in their place. Also, I like the idea of the feral mutagen and it is in theme with the concept. Still...

I like the Master Alchemist feat but I don't see it as being a primary concern of this type of character. Plus the Pathfinder/3.5 crafting rules are retarded for making poisons or any alchemy item of great value. I'm thinking my GM is going to forgoe using them in favor of an alternate system. Not sure how that will play out but I would likely approve of this change. Still I am feat starved already and I don't see where I could fit that in.

Fast Healer interested me especially with making his own extracts and potions likely for self use. Again, not sure where I can fit that in. Equipment will basically produce the same effect though so I don't mind missing it. There are some other discoveries that fit well with it though.

I considered Draconic Mutagen, Wings etc. They are good but I'm not sure about giving the character a draconic feel. Its kinda cliche. Even so I considered seeing if my DM would allow me to shoe horn in Dragon Deciple into being qualifyable with Alchemist. Not sure where I would fit the levels in though if I did consider it. I'm pretty well spent as is. Maybe for levels 19 and 20. /shrug

The Internal Alchemist interests me. Especially if I wont be making a lot of alchemy items anyway.
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