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Everyone needs a pet kraken =)

I'm not really sure what you're asking, but I'll have a go at it.

There are many courses of action that you could do, but lets group them into two camps - the bull and the snake.

Mechanically you have Many sorcereric powers - most of them you developed trying to survive the dangers of the Great Wood, and therefor tend towards the offensive, with a defensive power (lightning sheath). Your attack powers lie more on the path of the bull - charging the door, using your EB to inflict less lethal damage, using your Jacob's ladder to section off parts of the room so people won't cross them, etc. You 'll have to determine if you're wired more for a predator mentality (kill first, ask questions latter) or not.

Your skills lie more along the path of the snake - concealment, stealth, climbing, acrobatics etc. We could also include your movement power here (charged leap), even though (as a power) its not subtle (you glow/crackle with lightning) but it can give you access to different areas that they might not expect a person off the street to be able to reach (the whole being able to jump 10 meters straight up/20 meters forward). So things like evading, running, hiding, and the like would be supported by your skills.

There's also good old fashioned BS roleplaying - trying to talk your way out or at least into different areas where you could find a gap in their surveillance that may lead to something you could capitalize on.

You may also wish to consider the possibility that the orc is setting you up. All of the great houses have security in their demesnes, and a house that has dragonmarks that specialize in perception would probably have really good surveillance (not to mention that they would be inclined to be suspicious of everyone, as that's more or less their 'job').

Hopefully that helps. Feel free to hit me up with follow up questions.
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