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I have to admit that I'm a bit unsure of how to handle this situation - mechanically. I remember you saying that the powers that we have are somewhat similar to 8th level D&D characters? I'm not sure what E'la could realistically do to get out. I can see some options (like trying to take a hostage), but I'm not sure if E'la would do such a thing. He obviously would want to escape this place and return to the world outside and the pouring rain - but if the path to the exit is blocked by guards and assuming that the Medani will have measures in place to be able to secure their main entrance (heh), that's not really an option.

I'm not sure what he might be able to achieve with his sorcerous abilities.

Note that I'm not looking for 'the' or even 'a' way to successfully flee - I'd just like to understand E'la's options to make a fitting decision. Failing is fine - although 'kill' doesn't sound promising.
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