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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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Still refusing to look up the former paladin scuffs his foot in the dirt. She did have a point, and he didn't like how he had his gear stolen by the beasts. That didn't seem their style. They were much more likely to have attacked him in the night rather than simply steal. They seemed all too happy to attack when their numbers were equal, why not attack if they outnumbered him four to one or more?

At last he glances up, his head still bowed his eyes meeting Shade's irritated glare. He quickly looks away, unable to withstand the intensity.

"You might be right," he says with a bit of difficulty, "but he is alone and without supplies. We should at least let him accompany us to town. I could use the rest and," he raises an eyebrow showing a bit of his odd humor, "with any luck he will take his fair share of abuse from these monsters."

He smiles wearily, "I could use the rest."