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Shade listens with a half-sneer to the man's half-answers and his tale of being robbed by the now dead gnolls. His demeanor does indeed rub her the wrong way, and the marked change in Cadrius further darkens her mood. As usual, Itches doesn't help her rapidly waning patience with his incessant chatter. She scowls faintly at Itches as his eyes roll in an exaggerated fashion, asking her to join them.

Very subtly done.

Never taking her eyes off the newcomer, she walks slowly over to her companions and listens. This time it is the voice of Cadrius that goads her: that tone ill-suited the warrior and it burned her that this stranger could so damage him. Her jaw muscles bulge as she fights to keep her mouth shut. Maeko speaks calmly, reasonably even, and in her heart Shade wants to echo her words. Afraid of what she might say if she starts spouting our her feelings she focuses on the stranger.

"Trustworthy? How do we know he is who you think he is? The man hasn't answered a single question, hasn't even given his name. Let me ask: what was he doing out here in the first place? Where did he come from and where was he going? I don't believe Gnolls came and stole his supplies. They would have attacked him, he's just one person; we've been attacked twice and there are four of us."

She waits briefly for a response and is further infuriated by the relaxed manner of the stranger, standing a short distance off seemingly unperturbed by the whispered discussion. Her eyes drift to Cadrius and she is pained by his dejected posture. He won't even look at them. She crosses her arms and bites her tongue.

What is going on here?