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Itches lies on the ground, almost in a pool of the blood left by the nearby Corpse, still out cold. Suddenly into the darkness Drifts a figure, one dimply remember by the mind of Itches. The image of his Beloved Lily.

"Itches my love," she speaks to him in a far away sounding voice. " You need to wake up now"

"But I donít want to, itís so nice here."

"Wake up Itches"

"Just another five minutes"

"By the gods, some times I donít why I put up with you." With that the spectre of Lily reaches out a pale hand and touches the half-elf on the head, then with a slam, he is awake.

"Lily?" the slightly stunned and more then a little confused Nobel mutters as he first regains consciousness. Quickly shaking the haze that lingers over his mind, the Aristocrat, looks around him, and notices something amiss.

"Hey, you werenít here before when I.. Fell asleep. How did you get here? You have to be careful around here, there are many of these dog creatures hanging about, and they just attacked us. Still you look big enough to take care of yourself. You know you look a lot like someone I know. Who? Oh I know you remind me of Cadirus," Itches babbles, gesturing towards Cadirus. Calmly putting his dagger back in his boot sheath, Itches gets up and walks up to the paladin, a look of pure innocent curiosity on his face. He oonly get part of the way however before the former Palidin blocks his path. Not detered in the least, he proceeds to call out to the man. "Gee that is a big crossbow, I remember seeing some like that back at my fathers castl - I mean back home"
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