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Shade wished that she completely shared Juni's certainty about right and wrong. Isac's remains certainly deserved better than to lay here, in this blackened chaos but that didn't change the fact that he had died because of her. For her, if you were willing to push aside the wall you had built to hide from that knowledge.

She takes Juni's hand in her own calloused one, grateful for the comfort one could only come from companionship. She squeezes it once, fighting back her emotions, trying to make sense of what had happened and why. He'd given everything of himself for someone he had come to apprehend, even kill. The fact was that Isac had saved her from a fate far worse than death, had kept her alive and eventually rid her of the blinding evil of the curse.

There was no way to repay him, even had he been alive. Nothing could even the score, but she could honor his memory. She could remind herself of what he'd done, and so remember that the world wasn't all the cold hard place she had known. There was room for more - room to share of herself, to care.

"Yes," she says, voice thick with emotion. "In honor and peace, that is how he should be."