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Shade smiled.

Juni had taken the bag that Shade had tossed at her, and then followed after her friend as she ran to where Nicos and Blarth were engaged with Skathros. But she was still taken aback by that smile. It was so genuine, so true, so real. No trace of a smirk, not a hint of irony. Had she ever seen Shade smile like that before?

Shade calls instructions to her over her shoulder as they race forward. Nicos pulled free with help from Blarth, which was so much the better.

"We hit him together but we need to be close, and we want to cover him so don't hold any back."

Juni nods, fully focused on what needs to be done now. Hit him with the lead and salt. She fumbles open her bag, running to keep up with Shade. A fine black powder spills out, and she adjusts her hold on the sack to keep from losing any more.

How close do we need to get to him? She finds her feet slowing as they close in. Now she can clearly see the flesh peeling away from bones, the face frozen in a rictus of hate, the impossible strength of the dessicated limbs. She forces herself to go closer, to stick with Shade as they move into position.

Skathros barely seems to even register their existence. He is intent only on attacking those nearest him, pursuing Nicos and Blarth with single-minded malevolence even as they try to scramble away from him. Shade moves to intercept, and Juni follows.

"NOW!" Shade yells. Juni swings her sack, loosing a cloud of dark powder at the same moment that Shade's bag erupts with a shower of white. Lead and salt. Juni remembers Isac saying something about the two substances together having some kind of power over the corruption of the curse. But she isn't prepared for Skathros' reaction.

He screams, a piercing wail like breaking glass and screeching furies and howling wolves all rolled into one, threaded with something deeper and filled with rage. The thing that was Skathros thrashes uncontrollably as the others are assaulted by the noise and a sudden charred, sickening smell.

Shade goes cold all over and her gut rolls. She grabs Juni's arm and tugs her away and in a moment they are fleeing headlong back towards Nicos and Blarth.

"Get him up and let's GO!"

by Kel and Gral