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A string of what can only be orcish curses emanates from Blarth's mouth as Nicos attempts to wrestle the monstrosity before him to the ground.

Never touch that which moves without life.

The teaching grated through his mind, but Blarth was now faced with a quandry. If he used his club, he was as likely to hit Nicos as he was to hit the ... thing. His bite would be even worse. Did he dare risk touching that thing to aid Nicos.

Closing his eyes and gritting his teeth, Blarth reaches out and grabs at the pair in front of him. Holding his breath, he closes his hand around a limb and breaths a sigh of relief when he feels the supple leather of Nicos's boot. Grabbing nearly tight enough to twist Nicos's ankle, Blarth begins a tug-of-war, attempting to extract Nicos from the thing's grasp.
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