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Pulling himself together, Nicos looked up to find the creature approaching Blarth. Its attention was focused so intently on the half-orc that it should be possible to approach it. Wiping his mouth on a sleeve, the bard rose and with silent feet began to stalk the undead fiend even as it stalked Blarth. His stomach twisted within him again and threatened to upheave itself, but with gritted teeth and effort the bard held it in place as he drew near his target.

Then with a leap he was there. With his arm wrapped around its chest, Nicos leveraged one leg against the back of its knee and attempted to twist the creature to the ground. It was a simple wrestling move that would have worked on any human, elf, dwarf or orc. The creature was none of those things. It’s legs bent slightly under the assault, then with a single hand it reached around to grab Nicos, yanking him violently away with it’s inhuman strength.

“Maybe not a good idea to get its attention,” Lynn said to Juni, having made her way around the commotion to stand by the young woman’s side. The knife she normally kept hidden somewhere on her clothes was held a white knuckled grip and wide eyes trapped on the zombie in their midst. “Let the others keep it busy, they seem to know what they’re doing … maybe.”
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